1. General requirements

To the publication the original works in Russian which aren’t violating copyright of the third parties are accepted. Authors bear responsibility for reliability of the data stated in articles and for translation quality of the text into English. At a reprint of materials the reference to the magazine is obligatory.

Illustrative materials are provided by separate files in the formats .tif, .jpg with the resolution not less than 300 dpi.

For the publication of article in the magazine the author signs the contract with edition.

2. Execution of the manuscript

2.1. The electronic version is created in the Microsoft Word program and remains with the .rtf, .docx or .doc expansion. A page format – A4 (book), fields – on 2 cm from all directions, a paragraph space – 1,25 cm, alignment – on width, a line spacing – unary. Not to number the page. Use of interlinear references isn’t allowed. A font – Times New Roman, a size – 11. All text has to be black color and is typed by one font and a size.

2.2. In files of articles there shouldn’t be SPECIAL SIGNS:

compulsory transfer;
indissoluble gap;
compulsory paragraph.