The Journal’s mission consists in to present the latest results of original theoretical and applied research in the field of state management, industry complexes, economics, processes that promote the dissemination of the best domestic and foreign practice in these fields.

The target audience of the journal consists of economists-researchers, leading experts who study theoretical, empirical and practical levels of sectoral problems of managing the national economy, the state, and the economy as a whole. The journal is also addressed to the heads of federal and regional authorities responsible for developing the strategy for the development of the sectoral economy, top managers and analysts of large enterprises and corporations, teachers and students of universities.

Aims of the journal:

– coverage and attraction of attention to topical management issues;

– dissemination of information on advanced management research;

– the formation of thematic scientific platforms for the exchange of scientific opinions, suggestions and experiences;

– the exchange of research results in the field of economics between scientists from different countries.

Journal objectives:

– providing pages for publication of the results of fundamental and applied research in the field of economics;

– assistance to young scientists in improving the quality of their publication;

– informing specialists and the public about current trends in researching management processes;

– expansion of the possibility of dissemination and indexing of published scientific papers in various key foreign citation bases.