It is published since 2013

DOI: 10.26425/2309-3633

ISSN (Print): 2309-3633

The transliterated: Upravlenie

It is registered in Roskomnadzor for No.  77-52135 of 11.12.2012

Frequency: 4 times a year

Subscription index in the online catalog OJSC Agency «Rospechat» – Я5961


E-mail of editorial board: ic@guu.ru

Founder and publisher: Federal state-funded educational institution of the higher education “State university of management”


The journal is included in the list of Higher Attestation Commission of peer-reviewed scientific publications, where a basic scientific results of dissertations on competition of a scientific degree of candidate of sciences and on competition of a scientific degree of doctor of sciences must be published in the fields:
– 08.00.00 «Economic Sciences»;
– 23.00.01 «Theory and philosophy of politics, history and methodology of political science»;
– 23.00.02 «Political institutions, processes and technology»;
– 23.00.03 «Political culture and ideology»;
– 23.00.04 «Political problems of international relations, global and regional development»;
– 23.00.05 «Сonflictology».


We invite researchers and practitioners to a professional discussion of the whole variety of problems and solutions of modern management, directions and prospects for its improvement and development.

The concept of the journal is based on the classical representation of science and management practice, constantly updated and updated by fundamental research, innovative experiments and applied developments. For this purpose, representatives of the leading domestic and foreign scientific schools and the professional community were invited to the editorial board of the journal. They were called upon to actively review the authors’ articles both on the fundamentally theoretical and on the most promising and topical practical problems of improving management.

The key direction of publications on the pages of the journal “Upravlenie” is the theory and practice of management, its formation and development in modern Russia as an actively developing market community that uses world experience and develops its own strategy. We position management as the main component of management, considering alongside and in interaction with it state, social, automated and many other specializations, profiles and manifestations of actual trends in the development of forms and content of the subject’s targeted influence on the object. At the same time, the journal is open for the presentation of all professional positions and points of view on the place and role of management in the theory and practice of modern management.

The concept of the magazine “Management” is focused on creating a universal discussion platform on which the diversity of views, judgments and positions of authors should be actively presented, discussed and developed. At the same time, the actual directions of the discussion will be formed and indicated by key sections of publications that focus the discussion on the most popular problems and solutions.

Subject headings of the journal:

  • State and Municipal Administration
  • Management in various industries
  • Management in the sphere of economy: problems and prospects
  • Process Management
  • Information technologies in management
  • Challenges and threats
  • Political Discourse

Articles are available under a Creative Commons “Attribution” 4.0. license, according to which unlimited distribution and reproduction of these articles is possible in any medium, provided the author’s name and links to the original article publication in this journal in accordance with the rules of scientific citation.

Currently the acceptance of articles in № 1 of 2019 is in progress.

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